eggless curd cake

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Paddie 02/09/2011 11:30


Could you please explain here 1 cup curd means beaten curd or just pure thick 1 cup curd? I had tried with proper beaten but thick curd and the cake turned out to be getting harder after 15 mins.
Could you please help me in case this happens again what could be the possible solution?


payal jain 02/22/2011 08:20

beaten curd should be used...

Hemangi 04/10/2010 09:46

Thank you for the reply.One more thing.... Some of the images of the cake on the blog page are not visible. Especially the one that you have uploaded at the very beginning. I want your blog page to
be one of the best rated so just want to inform you about that. Hope you dont mind.

payal jain 04/29/2010 13:36

thx for ur concern..will surely upgrade it soon...

Hemangi 03/25/2010 17:48

Your blog is one of the best blogpage I have visted. Just wanted few information. 1. How did you make the border of the cake? Where do you get the chocolate and other baking stuff in India? Do you
order it online or buy it from some place? Thanks.

payal jain 04/08/2010 16:44

hello...thx a lot for liking my work...well i dont buy anything online...chocolate is easily available in no probs in this particular cake...i have drizzled white
chocolate on plastic sheet first then i have put dark chocolate on it...and cut it acc. to what size i wanted...its very simple....

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payal jain 12/01/2009 14:26

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